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Important Information

Please read the following information carefully as this forms part of your booking agreement. Listed below are the guidelines that must be adhered to during your time in the venue:
The Congress Theatre Studio is a workplace, therefore all guidelines in relation to workplaces apply. Please follow this link for information on this and other guidelines: asked-questions

Please do not attend your booking if you or any or your party or their households are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. Please contact us to re-schedule your booking.

We are filming under Welsh Government Covid-19 restrictions. As per current government guidelines, you must adhere to the ‘2 metre’ social distancing rule at all times.

As part of our risk assessment, we expect every person within the building to wear a mask (whilst not performing), to sanitise hands, sign in and leave full contact details immediately upon entering the theatre for track & trace purposes.

Sanitation Stations are available at the front of the theatre and leading into the auditorium, to be used as and when appropriate.

Personal responsibility for your own hygiene is required, and we request that you bring coverings such as masks, gloves and anti-bac wipes/gels for your own piece of mind and whilst you are not near a Sanitation Station.

As part of your booking, we require the names and telephone numbers of each person entering the building on your performance day.

We will arrange to meet you to deliver your equipment through stage door for those with equipment. We will arrange those with no equipment to be met at the front door or to use the key pad. Performance spaces will be marked out, as per your stage plan and using the 2 metre rule. We will cover our microphone with disposable shields and anti-bac wipes/spray will also be available for your use during rehearsals and performance. You are also welcome to bring your own microphone if you are more comfortable doing so.

We request that one person at a time attend the toilet area - male, female or disabled - as the space is restricted in this area.

Once the room is set, technicians communicate with you from the gallery We will do everything we can to ensure a continuous and stable internet connection during your live stream. However, any interruptions of delays will be a result of external networks, the affects of which are beyond our control.

To secure your booking, we request a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the overall cost of your booking. Cancellations can be made up to two weeks before the performance, and the remaining 50% will be required 2 weeks ahead of your booking slot.

The Congress Theatre own the mechanical rights to each pre-record/live stream, and as such, will be visible on our social media channels. Any pre-records/live streams used for monetisation purposes will incur a buy- out fee.
I/we agree to the Important Information outlined above and wish to book the Virtual Studio as per the details in this form

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